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Captain ”Serious” shows affection the only way he knows how (x)

Captain ”Serious” shows affection the only way he knows how (x)

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Kelly Clarkson singing Wreckage at one of her private show before concert. Finally, we have at least one video of her pre-shows… Such a beautiful cover!

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I think success is achievable for winners of talent shows that I was on or just in general for anybody starting in the business. I just think the point is not to be such a transparent artist that’s just trying to do what everybody else is doing. I think you’ve got to have some kind of uniqueness or individuality to yourself to keep people interested. It sounds funny to say ‘be yourself’ but I don’t think many people are. That would be my biggest piece of advice.

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Kelly Clarkson fandom: So THATS what Brandon sounds like 



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