**Maddie’s Project: DEADLINE EXTENDED**  

Kaci and I were talking today and we decided that we are going to extend the deadline for Maddie’s project! We’ve gotten in touch with some of Maddie’s family and friends and they too wish to participate along with the Kelly Clarkson fans! (Which is absolutely amazing!) In order to give them some time, since this is obviously a very tough week for anyone who knew Maddie, extending the deadline seems like the best option. This project is growing into something great and we’re SO excited about it! 

If you could please send us your submissions by Sunday September 29th that would be so great! They are having a memorial for Maddie on October 5th and we would love have it complete and get it to her family by then :) 

ALSO! When emailing your submissions, PLEASE include your name and where you are from (if you don’t mind of course.) We want to show Maddie’s friends and family that they have support from around the world! 

Please email all submissions to themaddieproject@yahoo.com. If you have any questions please feel free to send them to that email or tweet us! (@jennabeans24 & @kacehey) Thank you all so much!